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Welcome to the Chamberlain/Oacoma
Chamber of Commerce / Convention & Visitors Bureau

On behalf of the Chamberlain-Oacoma Area Chamber of Commerce/CVB and the cities of Chamberlain and Oacoma, welcome! We are excited that you have chosen to take this adventure! When you think about an adventure what comes to mind? Is it navigating the waters of the Mighty Missouri, you can do that! Is it walking, running or riding on the bike paths on either side of the river, that is possible! Are you interested in learning about the history and native culture of the area, attending a rodeo, hunting and fishing or playing golf? You can do all of that and more!

Were you aware that in 1992 a 16 foot, 78- million-year-old sea lizard know as a mosasaur was unearthed east of downtown Chamberlain on King Street about 20 feet from the highway? That sparked paleontologists to set up at a “dig” annually during the summer months in our area!  If you are camera enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife – deer, turkeys, pheasants, eagles and hawks. All of these opportunities abound. Included in this publication are the many events that take place throughout the year. There are campgrounds, parks, picnic shelters and spectacular views to relax and enjoy!

Once you adjust to the beauty of the area, there are plenty of opportunities to visit museums, restaurants and specialty shops offering a variety of one-of a-kind experiences. You may find yourself saying “whoa this is nice!”   So take some time browsing, I believe it will be worth your while.

You can find us here at and follow us on facebook. Our website is mobile ready and adjusts itself to your device. The calendar of events is updated on a regular basis. So bookmark us and visit often!

Have a great time here, and have safe travels on your journey!

possible through membership in the chamber. Please ask us how you can get involved and vested in our community.

Please feel free to fill out our Adventure Guide request form. Meanwhile, while waiting enjoy the opportunities presented here